[Case Study] OSF HealthCare Combines Direct-to-Patient and eConsult Telepsychiatry to Improve Rural Care Access

A rural family leans on a wooden fence in a green field in Ottawa Illinois with a beautiful sunset

Rural Families Are Gaining Mental Healthcare Via Telehealth

Access to high-quality mental health services in rural areas is a major challenge to many healthcare providers. OSF HealthCare’s Saint Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa, IL faced this challenge as there was an influx of patients with untreated mental health and substance use disorders and a shortage of clinicians. OSF launched a telepsychiatry program featuring direct-to-patient care as well as eConsult services with Regroup's help. 

Discover how our platform resulted in the right level of care every time and lead to:

  • shorter wait times
  • higher patient and provider satisfaction
  • expansion readiness

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